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PHOTO - Formed Shapes Made from Hypertufa

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HYPERTUFA - Light Weight Artificial Stone Pots and Forms
by: Arthur Anderson

Hypertufa is a synthetic rocklike material, which can be easily cast into a variety of shapes.  It looks old and attracts lichens and mosses and has a natural look compatible with most plants, shrubs, and most building materials.

It is commonly cast in the shape of antique stone sinks long used by English gardeners for planting containers.  These sinks, originally carved out of soft stone, make very attractive containers but can be difficult to find.

These shapes and others can be made from hypertufa.  Hypertufa is a concrete like material that you can make yourself, using portland cement, perlite and, and peat moss. There are a number of variations in the recipes, but the results are similar.



Create Your Own Hypertufa Troughs, by Diana Pederson

Hypertufa Containers

A Cookbook Approach to Hypertufa: Make Your Own Rock, Troughs and Basins, by Pam Ingle

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